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Estonian Atmospheres

Location: Nordea Concert Hall, Tallinn
Time: 18:00

Estonian United Boys’ Choir KALEV (conductor Indrek Vijard)
Estonian National Children’s Choir ILMALILLED (conductors Ave Sopp and Vilve Maide)
Estonian National Girls’ Choir LEELO (conductor Külli Kiivet)
Estonian Youth Mixed Choir (conductor Silja Uhs)
Estonian Youth Wind Orchestra (conductor Sirly Illak-Oluvere)

Cinematographer Madis Reimund
Lightning designer Priidu Adlas
Sound designer Mait Visnapuu
Set designer Getter Vahar

Program: Pärt Uusberg's  “Estonian atmospheres"

“Estonian atmospheres" is a composition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonia. The central theme of the work is the cycle of seasons in Estonia. The music brings you to a meditative journey through the Estonian nature in all four seasons, which begins and ends in winter, when the premiere is held. Uusberg has written to beautiful texts from Estonian poets like Ernst Enno, Juhan Liiv, Viivi Luik and Hendrik Visnapuu new cycles for children’s, female, male and mixed choirs, which describe the essence of Estonian seasons. The whole piece will be connected through seasonal runo songs arranged to wind orchestra.

Ticket 8.50-12.50€: Piletilevi


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