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Photo: Kalju Suur

Anti Marguste

05.08.1931 - 12.01.2016
  • rustic style inspired by Estonian folk song regilaul
  • vigorous rhythmic pulse, modal and chromatic tonality, heterophony and
    polyphony, variant and variational development, impulses from Estonian
    classical fiction, folksy humour
  • orchestral music, instrumental concertos, chamber music, choral songs

Publishers: Edition 49, SP Muusika


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CD Heino Eller. Complete Piano Music. Volume Five
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Kõrvits, Tõnu
Touch, for bassoon
Grigorjeva, Galina
Two Psalms, for mixed choir
Tally, Mirjam
Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg, for clarinet and piano
Seppar, Evelin
Time and the Bell, for mixed choir